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Getting Started After Signing Up

Uploading A Display Picture

One of the first things you will want to do is upload a 270 width by 60 height display picture , which preferable has your wrestler name on it. This picture is how others on website will quickly identify you, as it is used in many places on site.

You access this page via Account > Display Picture(s)

As you can see on the screenshot, you have 100 MB space quota for free and can upload as many display pictures as you want, the 100 MB is also tied into the image gallery which you can see on the screenshot.

Selecting A Color Theme

We understand not everyone may like the color blue which is our default color scheme, so we have 9 color schemes in total that you can select from by going to Account > Color Theme.

Anyone who views your profile will see the color scheme you select , and you will see this color scheme on all pages but other wrestler profiles.

Selecting Wrestler Moves

Before you rush off and start doing wrestling matches, you must select the wrestling moves first by going to Account > Wrestler Moves.

You can see on the screenshot that wrestling moves have been split up into tiers.

Tier 1 , Tier 2, Tier 3 , Tier 4 is the key tiers you need to select moves, as you can select up to 4 moves in each tier.

Also you can select one finisher and one submission move, all other tier moves are automatically assigned for use in matches.

You can see a list of your current moves underneath the Form select field at top of page.

Each move has special attributes assigned to the move (strength, agility, speed, intelligence), little tip, there is 4 attributes and you can select 4 moves per 4 tiers.

Find Wrestlers To Fan

A big part of WrestleStarz is interacting with other wrestlers, therefore when you first sign up, you will not see any content on the feeds until you fan other wrestlers.

The Search tab in our main navigation is where to go, when you first go to the page, you will see a list of the most recent wrestlers who signed up.

If you know someone who is already signed up, you can use the query search to find there wrestler profile.

The display pictures for people on the list (or wrestler name) is a link to that persons profile , which is where you go to fan someone.

Quicker Way To Fan Wrestlers

A quicker way to locate people and fan them is to go to Account > Setup Wizard.

As you can see in the screenshot , you can see a text field which shows a list of wrestlers as you type.

You can quickly click a name on the list and become a fan of that wrestler.

Favorite Companies

We have a variety of feeds and ways for you to interact with other wrestlers, one of the key ways to do this is via Message Boards, but you must first add Companies to your favorites list first.

By going to Feed > Company > Directory

You can see a list of companies which will provide a option for you to add company to you're favorites list.

As you can see in the screenshot, you can type in a field and a list of companies will appear as you type.

Also you can go to Account > Favorites to quickly add companies to your favorites list.

Once you have done that, you can then interact with the company in a variety of ways.

Doing Matches

The quickest way to start doing wrestling matches is via our on deck system, which is based on Poker sit 'n' go.

As you can see on the screenshot, you have a number of options and then can add a match to the deck, then other wrestlers can join that match, then you start the match.

You can also see a list of matches currently on the deck and choose to join one of they matches instead of adding a match yourself.

You will see the "Single" tab , in future there will be more tabs that allow you to do matches with different numbers of players.

Shouts Feed

There is much variety and many interactive options on our feed, but the main one is the "Shouts" feed, this where you see people who you fanned, and if there a fan of you, they will see your own shouts.

Message System

You do have access to a private message system but you can only send messages to people who have mutually fanned, therefore you are a fan of them , and they are a fan of you.

The "Requests" tab you see is where you go to accept requests to become a general manager in someones company.