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Companies - Adding Monthly Event

Adding Event - Part 1

The Event Name, Event Month and Event Description is pretty much self-explanatory.

The Event Date is key here, the event details are stored based on the event dates you set and therefore can not be changed again, so make sure the dates you set are the dates you plan to set the event on.

Event Size is another key here, you have 3 sizes of events and each size of event requires a certain amount of wrestlers. The basic idea of this is that sometimes companies will run more than one event each day (morning, afternoon, evening) , so large show is all 3 but we decided to combine it into one event to make it easier.

Adding Event - Part 2

You can decide what general manger(s) are involved with the event, there is 5 areas of an event which you can see on the screenshot. Therefore you can assign a different General Manager to book that specific area of an event, or you can solo set the event yourself, which the main event area is where you set the GM that will solo run the event.

There is the option to assign a specific division to each event area as well, this way if you have GM's that run a specific show and division, you can assign the event area specifically for them.

You can also see in screenshot, that its the edit event page which provides the same options as adding event, with exception of event date, which is used to store the full history of the event and therefore can't be edited.

Adding Event Image

You can upload a specific image that goes with the event if you want to, which its probably best to.

The image dimensions for the image is really up to you, but probably best to have something like 500 width x 150 height.

Event List

The event list is self-explanatory really but you can view a list of all events added, this is where you go to make any adjustments to the event.

In the screenshot, you can see you have the option to edit or delete event , also can delete the event image.

Remember when you delete a event, any event you have previously set before will be deleted and there fore , people will no longer be able to view the history of the event.