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Wrestler Ranking


Any game needs a goal to go after, something to keep you motivated, and something that allows you to see if you are doing well, our in-depth wrestler rankings will more than provide that for you.

As you can see in the screenshot, there is many options at the top of the page that allow you to interact with this feed in a variety of ways.

In the screenshot, you can see the select field that lists the companies you have added to your favorites list.

Every company registered on our website has its very own wrestler rankings, with many ways to determine who is the top wrestler in a company. As you can see, there is an option for "All", which is the ranking for every single match you ever do.

The actual wrestler rankings list shown on the screenshot is self-explanatory, but in another slide we will cover the stats you see.

Match Style

As stated we keep track of every single match you ever do, but there is also specific wrestler rankings for every single match style as well.

You can view wrestler rankings for a specific match style in all companies on WrestleStarz, or see rankings for a specific match style in a company.

Division Rankings

Every wrestling company has the option to add divisions and then attach these divisions to the wrestling shows or events they run.

We keep track of every match you do in a specific rankings, which will allow for company owners and general managers to determine the top wrestlers in a specific division.

Order By

We keep track of a variety of different stats for you, and you can order the rankings by each of these items.

You get 3 points for winning a match and hand your opponent -1 points for there lose.

Points is what we consider to be the most important stat, but am sure win percentage will be another important stat. We keep track of how many matches you do in total, and we use that along with your total wins to work out your win percentage.

Want a reason to trash talk another wrestler? Then the total losses stat will help aid with that.

Top Number Rankings

As the screenshot shows, we have the option for you to limit the wrestlers on the list to a specific number.

As you can see to the left of the select field, you have the option to only show wrestlers who have done a certain amount of matches.

This will be handy for company owners and general managers who want to find a number one contender for one of there titles.

Monthly and Weekly Rankings

So what if in future new wrestlers join , they then view the rankings and think they will never get first spot in the rankings.

Well as you can see in the screenshot, we keep track of rankings on a monthly and weekly basis as well.

The monthly rankings will be reset on the first of every month, the weekly rankings will be reset every Monday, there is no specific time we will reset the rankings.