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Match Engine - Wrestling Moves

Player Stats

There is 4 key stats for each player in the match.

Green = Health
Red = Fatigue
Blue = Momentum
White = Falls

As you click on wrestling moves, you will knock health of your opponent. While doing so your momentum and fatigue will increase, so you need to keep an eye on this, as the closer you are to 100 momentum and 0 fatigue, the more chance you have off successfully executing a wrestling move.

When you go over 100 fatigue , you will instantly fail any wrestling move you try, this is part of the strategy in our match engine.

You can clearly see when it is your turn by the active text next to your display picture, and the combo fields with wrestling moves.

Wrestling falls are related to moves that will result in you winning the match, the white number will keep you right on how many falls you and your opponent has.

Tier 1 Moves

There is a variety of combo fields where you can select wrestling moves, the very first column is where you will find the moves you have selected.

At the start of the match you will definitely only see four moves listed in this combo, this is your tier 1 moves. After the first turn in the match, what moves you see is dependent on the momentum you have at the start of your turn.

The other wrestling moves you select will only appear when you are above a certain momentum.

Tier 2 Moves

The moves you selected in tier 2 will only be available when your momentum is above 13.

As you can see in the screenshot, they are listed in the first combo after tier 1 moves.

Tier 3 Moves

The moves you selected in tier 3 will only be available when your momentum is above 26.

Tier 3 moves are also listed in the first combo and are listed after tier 1 and tier 2 moves.

Tier 4 Moves

The moves you selected in tier 4 will only be available when your momentum is above 49.

Tier 4 moves are also listed in the first combo and are listed right at the bottom.

The moves at the bottom of the list are the ones that are always going to do more damage to your opponents health, but will also add more fatigue to your own stat.

Tier 4 moves will also add more momentum for you, but when you fail a move, the momentum you would have gained is transferred to your opponents momentum. Otherwise , you don't want to fail a tier 4 move as it shifts more momentum back to your opponent.

Pickup Weapon Moves

Some matches will allow the use for weapons, all weapons are available to you when your momentum goes above 50.

As you can see in the screenshot, you have to pickup a weapon (or setup), before you can use it. This comes with a risk, as while you are picking up the weapon, your opponent can recover and then you lose your turn.

Use Weapon Moves

Once you have successfully picked up a weapon, you can use the weapon by going to the same combo field you picked the weapon up.

Most weapons allow for multiple use, so you can hit opponent with a chair as many times as you like.

However, once you pickup a weapon, you can not pick up another weapon until you click a move in the first combo box.

If you use setup ladder or table, after you use the table or ladder, it will reset and you will have to set table/ladder again.

Defensive Moves

There is 4 defensive moves that everyone instantly has access to, these moves specifically block one of the 4 attributes assigned to wrestling moves.

Block stops strength moves
Reversal stops agility moves
Possum stops intelligence moves
Dodge stops speed moves

When on defense, if your opponent uses a move with strength in it, then block defense will successfully defend there move.

Part of the strategy of the match system is to try and get defense set before you fail a move, the closer you get to 100 fatigue or when you go over 100 fatigue is the time to use a defensive move.

Finishing Moves

The submission move and finisher move you selected will appear in the first combo box, like all moves you selected do. However the submission and finisher will only appear when your opponent is below 30 health.

The submission finisher has 3 possible outcomes, you could potentially fail to apply the submission move, or you could successfully apply the submission move. However your opponent could reach the ropes but it will still be your turn. The 3rd possibility is you successfully apply the submission move and your opponent taps out given you the submission win.

Finale Moves

When you get your opponents health below 30, a new combo field will appear and the wrestling moves listed in this combo will vary depending on the match style you are in.

The traditional match style will only show this combo field when your opponent is below 10 health, as pin is the only finale move available in this match.

There are 8 match styles in total and am not going list them all here, part of the game is figuring that out for yourself. You can't go wrong as the match system will automatically keep you right always by only showing the finale moves available.